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Frist Presidency Message - Stand as a Light

I have had the privilege of attending many cultural celebrations held in conjunction with temple dedications. I have loved all of them, including the most recent one I attended in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, last November.

Clean Hands and A Pure Heart

Asia Area Leader Message - In his talk "Keeping the Temple Holy," President Hinckley urged us to "Keep His house holy!"

Keeping Covenants Protects Us, Prepares Us, and Empowers Us

We are covenant-making women of all ages walking the path of mortality back to His presence.

Live True to the Faith

Each of us will be greatly blessed if we know the stories of faith and sacrifice that led our forefathers to join the Lord’s Church.

Canden Petersen returns from his mission

If God can do what he did for me in Italy, then I know God can do anything. That knowledge is my most prized possession.

Discover Your Family History

Every family has a story. What's yours? Learn more about your story and find strength for your life in the example and experiences of your ancestors.

Roots and Branches

Hastening family history and temple work in our day is essential for the salvation and exaltation of families.

Finding Lasting Peace and Building Eternal Families

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that provides the foundation upon which we can find lasting peace and build eternal family units.

The Book

Family history and temple work should be a regular part of our personal worship.

Don't Underestimate the Deceased

Elder Quentin L. Cook testifies of the importance of family history work in conjunction with temple work to save our dead and link families eternally.

"Lord, Is It I?"

We must put aside our pride, see beyond our vanity, and in humility ask, “Lord, is it I?”

Trifle Not with Sacred Things

Examine your choices by asking yourself the question, “Are my decisions firmly planted in the rich soil of the gospel of Jesus Christ?”

Unto All The World: Olivia's Story

Mormon Message - Unto All The World: Olivia's Story

Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth

Your personal testimony of light and truth will not only bless you and your posterity here in mortality, but it will also accompany you throughout all eternity.

Spiritual Self-Reliance

As a Church Area, we are now invited, in a gradual, long-term way, to help each other toward self-reliance.