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Young Women in Excellence 2015

Every year, the Young Women of Singapore, gather with their parents and leaders to celebrate the Personal Progress program and talk about all the good things Young Women are doing in their lives.

Choose Wisely

“Refuse the evil, and choose the good” (Isaiah 7:15).

The Lord Has a Plan for Us!

If we continue to live as we are living, will the promised blessings be fulfilled?

Individual Agency

(2 Nephi 10:23-25) President Thomas S. Monson talks about individual agency.

Singapore Stake Special Marrieds Fireside

All Married Members are invited to attend a Singapore Stake Special Marrieds Fireside

Free Forever, to Act for Themselves

It is God’s will that we be free men and women enabled to rise to our full potential both temporally and spiritually.


Agency - a Gift from God and Essential to our Exaltation

Things to Act and Things to Be Acted Upon

(2 Nephi 2:13-14) Elder David A. Bednar talks about things to act and things to be acted upon.

An Audience with 30 Catholic Youths

It wasn’t happenstance that Sister Crabb and Sister Fuglislater ran into Tracy on the train. She’s a young single adult of the Catholic faith.