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Singapore Stake Devotional

On Friday, 27th February 2015

7:30 PM at Singapore Stake Center, 253 Bukit Timah Road

The Lord Has a Plan for Us

If we continue to live as we are living, will the promised blessings be fulfilled?

Singapore Stake Conference

Singapore Stake Conference

Date : 7th & 8th March 2015

All Church members and friends invited

Keeping Commandments 100% of the Time

A young man’s decision to keep the Sabbath day holy led to lifelong blessings.

The Sabbath and the Sacrament

Let your family be filled with love as you honor the Sabbath all day long and experience its spiritual blessings throughout the week.

Newly Called Bishopric of Choa Chu Kang Ward

The Bishopric of Choa Chu Kang Ward of Singapore Stake was re-organized on 11 January 2015.

The Sabbath Day

The word Sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning rest. 

Jesus Heals a Lame Man on the Sabbath

Jesus performs a miracle by healing an invalid on the sabbath day.

Individual Agency

(2 Nephi 10:23-25) President Thomas S. Monson talks about individual agency.

Free Forever, to Act for Themselves

It is God’s will that we be free men and women enabled to rise to our full potential both temporally and spiritually.