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Blessings of Temple worship

The first “Temple Worship” experience for me and my wife was on May 6, 1981 when we were endowed and sealed in the Tokyo Temple.

The Plan of Happiness

The greatest reward we have received in this life, and the life to come, is our children and grandchildren.

Blessings of the Temple

As we attend the temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a feeling of peace.

Temples Are a Beacon

No sacrifice is too great to obtain the blessings available in holy temples.

Sabbath Day Observance

General Conference Training

Singapore Stake Conference - 5 -6 March 2016

Mark on your calendar for the coming Stake Conference in March 2016

The New Area Presidency

The new Asia Area presidency. Elder Funk is now the Asia Area President, Elder Wong is the 1st councilor, and Elder Pon is the second councilor.

Leaders Hope Emphasis on Sabbath Observance Increases Faith in God

The purpose of the Church’s recent emphasis on Sabbath observance is to help Latter-day Saints.....

The Sacrament and the Atonement

The ordinance of the sacrament needs to become more holy and sacred to each of us.

Moroni, My Mom, and a Lesson for My Life

This lesson from the Book of Mormon helped me know that I’m never spiritually alone.

Sabbath Day Observance Q&A

Published on 2 Jul 2015 Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are urging Mormons around the world to improve their observance of the Sabbath day.

The Sacrament - a Renewal for the Soul

The Spirit heals and renews our souls. The promised blessing of the sacrament is that we will “always have his Spirit to be with [us].”

Can You Feel So Now?

Think of the last time you received a gift that you had REALLY been wanting but had to wait a long time to receive. 

Purposes of Sacrament Meeting

Sacrament meetings are the most sacred meetings in the Church, allowing members to renew covenants made at baptism.

If You Will Be Responsible

Let us press forward by learning our duty, making correct decisions, acting according to those decisions, and accepting the will of our Father.

Choa Chu Kang Ward Temple Trip – Taipei, Taiwan Temple 2015

The planning for the 2015 Choa Chu Kang temple trip in mid-December began as early as January 2015 with support from the Bishopric, all of whom went.

Clementi Ward Temple Trip - Taipei, Taiwan, 14-19 December 2015

The Taipei Temple trip brought the members of Clementi Ward closer together in many ways.

Reflections on A Night in Bethlehem 2015

Fast becoming a yearly tradition, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held ‘A Night in Bethlehem’ on two consecutive nights to commemorate and celebrate the birth of the Saviour.