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Calling All Returned Missionaries

"What we need is a royal army of returned missionaries reenlisted into services."

Repentance and Change

Repenting means giving up all of our practices—personal, family, ethnic, and national—that are contrary to the commandments of God.

You Will Be Freed

Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all can be transformed, cleansed, and freed from addiction. by Elder M. Russell Ballard

The Divine Gift of Repentance

D. Todd Christofferson Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Only through repentance do we gain access to the atoning grace of Jesus Christ.

Inter-denominational youth event planned

With the needs of ‘at-risk’ youth in mind, different religious groups in Singapore are coming together to plan an event for the youth of Singapore in a spirit of harmony.

Personal Strength through the Atonement of Jesus Christ

Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, each of us can become clean and the burden of our rebellion will be lifted.

Alvin Tadina returns from his mission (June 2012 – June 2014)

I was called to serve in the Philippines Manila Mission (June 2012-June 2013), which then split to form the New Philippines Cavite Mission (July 2013-June2014). 

It is Never Too Late

Quote given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference on March 31, 2012

What Manner of Men?

What changes are required of us to become the manner of men we ought to be?